Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The DJ Argument

So with this new technological world we live in, we are faced with the opportunity and possibilities to try things that were much more difficult to try in the past, namely DJing. We have new apps and DJ software that can be easily downloaded and anyone can try their hand at spinning. You can even hook it up to a powerful sound system and presto, instant party with a DJ. Well, if you've ever been to a shindig with an amateur DJ, that has been in the biz all but 3 hours, you will soon understand that it takes a lot more than just choosing music and beat mixing.
The art of DJing, as we know it, goes back to that infamous era of bell bottoms and Disco, where DJ's played at huge packed Disco's and Roller Rinks. DJ's across the Nation would spin all night long and where the Disco Ball was the center of attraction.
Well the times have changed but not the love for spinning. What most people don't know that being a DJ requires passion, dedication, love for music and the desire to please the crowd. You can only be as good as your inventory of music, music knowledge and experience. If you have DJed as many venues, parties, events, stadiums... etc. as I have, then you know for a fact, that reading a crowd, and having numerous past mixes under you belt, knowing what button does what, what mixes with what, where that momentary pause is... I can go on and on about all kind of techniques, and tricks of the trade, but I won't.

The bottom line is, DJing is like any other skill, you only get good at it the more you practice, and the more events you attend. When a DJ is not behind the wheelz of steel spinning to a packed crowd, he is listen with a trained ear at new material, making a list of music to play at his next gig or perhaps updating his repertoire, investing in new technology, checking out the latest software... etc. and always thinking of new sound and ways to entertain.
In closing, I'd like to say that being a good DJ doesn't require too much practice nor much all round knowledge or music and the music industry, however, to be a great DJ many years of experience.
DJing is much more than just picking a track and beat mixing.
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