Thursday, October 4, 2012

Three Bar Tricks That Anyone Can Master

Everyone should have a couple of bar tricks stored up their sleeve. Bar tricks are a fun way to impress friends, family, onlookers and the opposite sex. There is even the possibility of winning yourself a free drink or two! This article provides some information on how to perform three popular and easy to do bar tricks.
Coin Flip Trick
One of the easiest and most popular bar tricks to perform is that of the coin flip trick. This trick can be performed anywhere as it only requires 2 coins of any denomination.
Place both your palms facing upwards, with the coin in your right hand positioned near to the thumb, and the coin on the left hand positioned right in the centre of the palm.
Now this is the tricky part, you have to turn both your hands over in a quick motion at exactly the same time. Because of the position that you placed the coins in, the coin in the right hand palm should now be underneath the left palm.
You can ask you audience to guess what hand the coins are under, and reveal that they are both under the left hand. You can then change the positioning of the coins so that they will automatically flip underneath the right hand and confuse your audience even more.

The Magic Cigarette
This is another simple trick which only requires one prop, a cigarette. If you don't smoke you can ask someone else in the bar if you can borrow one - this is also a great way to get an audience for your trick.
Place the cigarette on a hard, clean table in front of you. Explain to the audience that you have magic powers, and that you can use your mind to move the cigarette on the table.
Start by placing your hands either side of the cigarette, and make it look like you are using your willpower to make it move. Then gently blow in front of the cigarette and it will automatically move away from your fingers. You can even make the cigarette appear to move towards you by cupping your hand in front of the cigarette.
The Floating Beer Can
The floating beer can is a great trick that can be mastered in just a few tries. All you will need is a tin beer can, or you can even use a soda can if that's all you have.
You need to hold the can in your hand, placing your thumb on one side and your fingers on the other. Start with you hand at the bottom of the beer can. You can then release your grip slightly and the beer can will start to move down through your hands, at the same time you need to move your arm slowly upwards. This simple trick is all about timing, and if it is performed correctly it will create a great illusion that the beer can is floating in the air.
You should spend some time at home practicing these tricks until you get them perfected, then you are ready to pop into your favourite bar and test out the tricks. Good luck!
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